Angela Wolf Embroidery Thread Project Tray

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Keep your embroidery thread in stitch order for your projects using these numbered trays. This set includes two trays numbered 1-12 and 13-24.This set is great for those large projects that have many color changes. Instead of lining your thread up alongside your embroidery machine, use these trays to keep them organized. This prevents knocking them over or getting them out of order as you change your thread. The sturdy wood trays allow you to move them around easily and the dry erase backing allows you to mark the spaces with the color numbers that repeat in different steps. Use with a dry erase marker only (included).

Fits thread spools with a maximum base diameter of 1.80". Examples are Isacord, Floriani, Robison-Anton, Glide, Exquisite, Brother Simplicity Pro, Hemingworth, Sulky + other 1000 yd spools.

- Each tray measures 12.5" x 5.25"
- Fits spools with maximum base diameter of 1.80"
- Set of 2 trays numbered 1-12 and 13-24

Custom Angela Wolf trays designed and manufactured by Laser Bee Studio
Made in the USA